Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Hi All - just wanted to give an update here now that I actually have something to report.  I've been waiting for a LONG time now to start construction.  I originally signed my contract in February with an expected closing date somewhere between Aug-Oct.  A few things have happened to push that out a bit:

-I was the first to sign, so they had to sell the remaining 4 units.  They still have one to sell but are moving forward with construction any way.
-My county apparently updated their fire code standards and Ryan had to revise them, submit them for review and submit them again for final approval.  We're good to go now.

I have my pre-construction meeting scheduled for Wednesday of this week so I will report back with some more information then.  From what I understand we're only a month behind - I've been told it should be completed in November.  I work only a few miles from the new place so expect a lot of construction pics :)

A few bits of information that may help people currently starting the process that we just recently learned:

-If you have a gas range - they will probably not let you put a microwave above it.  Apparently there is a certain clearance required above a gas range.  They are putting a hood in and said that I can install a microwave on my own.
-No comfort height toilets in a tiny powder room.  I tried to put comfort height thrones in all bathrooms (I'm 6'4") but again, code prevents them from doing this.

That's all I've got for now.