Sunday, September 16, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Hi All - just wanted to give an update here now that I actually have something to report.  I've been waiting for a LONG time now to start construction.  I originally signed my contract in February with an expected closing date somewhere between Aug-Oct.  A few things have happened to push that out a bit:

-I was the first to sign, so they had to sell the remaining 4 units.  They still have one to sell but are moving forward with construction any way.
-My county apparently updated their fire code standards and Ryan had to revise them, submit them for review and submit them again for final approval.  We're good to go now.

I have my pre-construction meeting scheduled for Wednesday of this week so I will report back with some more information then.  From what I understand we're only a month behind - I've been told it should be completed in November.  I work only a few miles from the new place so expect a lot of construction pics :)

A few bits of information that may help people currently starting the process that we just recently learned:

-If you have a gas range - they will probably not let you put a microwave above it.  Apparently there is a certain clearance required above a gas range.  They are putting a hood in and said that I can install a microwave on my own.
-No comfort height toilets in a tiny powder room.  I tried to put comfort height thrones in all bathrooms (I'm 6'4") but again, code prevents them from doing this.

That's all I've got for now.




    Your story sounds similar to our story!

    We started our process Jan/Feb of this year and we still have yet to break ground--clearly it is now September (nine months later). Maybe within the next two weeks.

    Pre con next week if we are lucky and break ground the following week.

    I love all your selections and really like the gray tile with the staggered pattern. AWESOME! When we started this process I chose a gas range and after such a long wait when it was time to finalize my SR told us we could not get OTR with gas because the codes changed. So I opted to try the electric cooktop to keep the OTR with venting outside the house.

    I would suppose we will be building our homes together. I totally understand agonizing over the selections/upgrades. I had too much time to think about what I wanted; however, this was a gift in disguise because I am getting exactly what I want except for the Elevation.

    In the meantime, please check us out at and click the join this site button so that I can follow your journey and vice versa. Happy Building!!