Saturday, March 31, 2012

Done with Decisions. Done I say, DONE.

Having a month and a half of time to make all of the decisions seems like a great idea but man am I tired of thinking about it and second guessing myself.  Thankfully I got a promotion last week which has allowed me to add in a few things that I didn't think I would.

Some of the major final decisions:

-Gray staggered tile in kitchen- I tried to get away from this but had to go with my gut and nix the laminate in the kitchen.

-Scottsdale cabinets in Maple Cognac- I was leaning towards maple spice (fairfield) but the color just looked so flat.  I like the angles in the Scottsdale and will appreciate the deeper drawers and thicker boxes.  I also added the molding (a rip-off @$390 but don't think I can match the color easily on my own)

-Impala Black granite in kitchen- wait. no, dakota mahogany.  Or. maybe... Uba tuba? no, Dakota Mahogany. I've been all over the place with the granite but ultimately settled on the Impala black.  I'd like to do a colorful glass backsplash in the future and think that it's neutral enough to not limit my options.  Removed standard 4" granite backsplash so I don't have to take it out when I do my own tile backsplash.

-Upgraded faucet in kitchen- did this so I could get the 60/40 sink, not for the faucet.  I think the faucet is an eye sore and will replace it with a goose neck style one...

-TV level outlets in living room and master bedroom, as well as an extra outlet in the coat closet (to eventually hold media server components).

-5.1 surround prewire in living room

-No security system- with taking on my first house I don't see it wise to throw on another $45 monthly payment contract on top of that.  It's a safe area and who wouldn't be afraid of a 6"4 guy who weighs in at a whopping 155 lb??

-4th Ceiling fan rough-in in loft/office area

-Removed all wire shelving in closets- I design closet products for Rubbermaid so... nuff said... I've already designed and purchased my custom closets.  Left the wire in the pantry and linen close though, but I'll likely replace it with the tight mesh wire.

-Removed all cement from my teeny tiny yard- 10'x15' between the garage and house... I to use every square inch of this space and there will be no concrete.  I will lay pavers to connect the two doors but want as much grass as possible.

So- with that said, I have signed my final change order and will not be making any more changes.  I know my posts have been very option heavy but those days are gone now.  I'll put together a final specs tab to capture it all, but now I wait for the other units to sell and then you'll get the infamous staking / foundation post!

Cheers guys - thanks for all of your input on my decisions!


  1. Congratulations looking forward to seeing your progression to a home.

  2. Great job! It will be goregeous! --Ericka

  3. My husband was so happy when our SR said no more changes. We had 5 months of waiting and we changed a lot in the time period. Your choices sound great!