Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cabinets and Flooring

They finally called me today and scheduled my meeting at the flooring showroom for Monday.  My biggest decisions for the house will be the flooring color and cabinets - and I have no idea which direction I'll go in.

My question to the bloggers out there who have gone through this (any around Charlotte?) is what to expect?  I'm worried that I will not have many options.  I can sometimes have odd and unique style / tastes and I'd hate to have to settle if all of the offerings are very traditional and limited.

If I'm going to a flooring showroom (RiteRug here in Charlotte, will I be able to choose from their entire selection or will there be a "Ryan Home's" limited selection?  I assume that they'll put what ever I want in as long as I pay for the upgrade.

Same question with the cabinets - I know they offer Timberlake Cabinets, will I be able to choose from the entire line of Timberlake cabinets (  I'm after a more shaker style cabinet with straight lines and no fancy routed edges like this one that they offer:

Thanks for any input you guys can provide on what to expect here - I'd like to have a good idea of what I want/can have before I go in.


  1. Here is a website that someone posted recently that will show you some of the offered products: One thing to note: not all products are available in all communities and, at least in our community, there are some newer products that are not on this site.
    Since you mention cabinets, though Ryan uses Timberlake, you are not free to pick from the entire line.
    You should be able to go to the model in your community (or nearby community) and see the cabinets and counter options before your appointment at Rite Rug.
    Good luck with your selections. It's definitely one of the most fun steps in the process!

    1. Thanks for the website - that will help a ton. I will have to go back to the model and look over everything again - when I first made my selections this whole thing was still far from a reality so I wasn't thinking about it very hard...

  2. This may sound harsh, but I think you can take it. You are building a "cookie cutter" house through a "out of the box" builder. If you want custom, you need to look at another builder. That being said, they offer very nice choices. Maybe it's not exactly like you want, but you can find pretty damn close.
    My cabinets in the last house, picked and ordered through Home Depot, with dove tailed corners, and installed by myself were the same style as the picture you post above. We went looking for that at selection time and didn't find the exact style. We did; however, find something close.
    Good luck, it can come together nicely. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a bit. My wife and I where unsure of our Butterscotch choice, but now we are very happy with the choice.

    1. As harsh as it is I need to keep it in my head as it is what it is. Ultimately I'm just trying to find out what to expect so that I can keep my heads out of the clouds, which can be a huge challenge with all of this going on and my obsessive nature.

  3. Rite Rug has a room just for Ryan, but there is a lot of stuff in that little room. There aren't a lot of cabinet choices, they are stubborn about the cabinets. I tried to get them to let me order the island I wanted - no go. And that was stuff they offered in Ryan homes - just not the Ravenna.

    There are a lot of carpet choices, a few tile choices, and even fewer hardwood choices. The thing is- you'll probably find something you are excited about. I was glad my husband went along for the Rite Rug meetings. He really pushed some of the choices and they turned out to be perfect. Of course, my own choices would have turned out beautifully as well.

    Unlike Sgt. Rich, I never doubted my butterscotch glaze choice - just the cost of the upgrade. But I felt like the difference in solid wood and particle board with veneers was enough to justify the upgrade. It is better cabinets and better hinges.

    If you really can't find the cabinet doors you want get the color you want and order doors later. You don't have to replace the whole cabinets just for the doors.

    Try to relax and enjoy it. All the selections had me so busy researching and overwhelmed that I was very glad when the selection process was over.

  4. Its kind of like everything else its available but of course there is always a fee. If you have the budget get what you really want, better to have it than to say i wish i would have.