Monday, March 5, 2012

Details and options

Here's the post I'm sure everyone wants... the juicy details and options...

Floor plan:



Not my kitchen - but same layout, appliances and island:

Current granite choice (Dakota Mahogany) and cabs (maple spice - may go lighter):

A few shots of the neighborhood:

Fancy houses that will hopefully make my place more valuable :) 

Nice pool that will likely be swimming with kids (no pun intended... well kinda... kinda it was intended...)
Yes - HOA fees are high.  Nuff said.

Cool covered bridge on one side of the hood.

Proposed pedestrian retail at front of development.  A few years off and still up in the air but my door would be about 2 blocks to the right from here.  Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


Flooring - going w/ laminate due to my overweight pup (60lb) and general durability.  I'm torn between proper HW but I'm going to try and get the most realistic laminate I can find.  Anyone know much about the options I can expect (I have yet to go to the showroom)?

Upgraded carpet and pads on stairs and top two floors (not sure what level but I think it's one below the top level - will figure out in showroom).
Granite in kitchen w/ island
Gas range (can't wait for this)
Recessed lighting in kitchen (7 cans)
3 fan rough ins (LR, and both bedrooms)
Surround pre-wire in living room (no speakers, just wiring)
Data ports and cable in both bedrooms (not sure what's standard yet)
Comfort height toilets in all bathrooms (I'm tall - 6'3" and so are my friends)
Tall man vanities in bathrooms (this is key)
Double vanity in master
Granite (dark) in master and 3rd floor bathroom
full length tile walk-in double shower in master 
Fiberglass tub with tile surround in 3rd floor
Tile floors in all bathrooms (12")
Garage door opener (I wanted to do this myself - but I know w/ everything going on it will be easier just to have them do it)
+$2500 I added in to the price for things I knew I would add later (wiring, surround, possible cab upgrades, etc) I can take out what ever I don't use but most of this is already spent in my head :\

That's all I can think of for now - I'll update as I lock things in.  I have yet to meet w/ wiring and showroom so I'm sure I'll make changes.


  1. your neighborhood is awesome!!! wow it has so much curb appeal. Great selections also.

    1. Yeah, I was really impressed by it. I have never been a huge fan of houses packed in close to one another but I think that they did a pretty good job here.

  2. I'm super jealous of your neighborhood as-is. Add that whole deal and it's just not fair. I think every HOA should band together for buying power and run a little store.

    If you want my opinion, and everyone does, you should upgrade that carpet padding to the highest available option. It adds waterproofing to the padding, which is always a good thing. Plus, it's nicer, and helps your carpet stay nice longer. Trust me, I'm a know-it-all housewife!

    I love they way the townhouses look. I wish our houses looked that cool.

    1. Thanks - I'm really looking forward to being in such a well taken care of community. They geared the townhomes in the development towards young professionals and there's a wide range of single family homes for families. There's a huge diversity range which I liked. Now I just have to wait for the sales rep to sell the remaining units in my block so that they can start...