Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just a quick update -

Flooring and Granite - met with Rite Rug for a second time today to discuss doing tile in the kitchen.  I'm going to go with it as my gut was telling me to.  But doing so has made me rethink my granite and I think I'm either going to go with Uba Tuba (level 1) or Imperial Black (level 2).  This will be based on what the final cost of the cabinets I want is, which I'm still waiting on from my SR.  I expect them to be quite a bit as the Sonoma cabinets are full overlay (tiny gap between each cabinet door), but I think that makes a huge impact on the look of a kitchen.  The Dakota Mahogany is great but I think it will limit my options with colors that I may use in the kitchen down the road.

I would also like to have them install the kitchen tile staggered to make it interesting:

Question - I was encouraged by the woman showing me the flooring that if I plan to do my own tile backsplash that I request that they not install the 4" granite piece along the back wall.  Did any of you do this and do you recommend it?  I plan on doing my own backsplash down the line and could see that being an advantage.

Guardian meeting tomorrow - any tips? regrets you wish you had done? things I should stay away from?
Current plans - surround prewire only, adding a few outlets here and there, prewire for undercabinet lights(?)

Fiberglass tub and showers - the bathroom in my 2nd bed room has a fiber glass tub with simple glazed white tile surround.  Is it worth the $150 for the tile surround or should I just do full fiberglass as it's easier to clean?  I plan on eventually renting out that room so it will be in use by someone else.  Home makers out there - what do you suggest?

That's all I can think of for now - thanks in advance for the input!


  1. I'm with you on the cabinets. The full overlay is a lot nicer.

    When I mentioned leaving off the little piece of granite in the back everyone looked at me like my head was turning to green slime. I just went ahead and took the granite. We paid for it, might as well get it.

    I guess the bathtub question is really up to you. We didn't have an option in our hall bath for tile instead of fiberglass. On one hand the tile, if it had been upgraded to the tile we used in the master and on the floor, would have been lovely. But the plain white tile? I have no idea. You never have to regrout the fiberglass enclosure! But don't listen to me. I have no super rational train of thought when it comes to this.

  2. I am hugely against tile, mostly because of the added work involved in keeping it clean. My recommendation is to go with darker grout on tile. Won't look so bad when it starts getting dirty.
    The fiberglass enclosure is very easy to clean.

  3. Hey so wat did you decide on the Cabinets? What flooring did you get?
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    I am also confused with the flooring and cabinets...I have decided to get the Maple Cognac and the laminate in Jatoba.Do you think they go along? I also liked the wide plank cherry but my husband thought it was more a closer match to the cognac cabinets. I felt it might be a little dark.Let me know yiur comments.Please reply on my post.Thanks!